It’s our sharp focus on navigating, accelerating and deepening the impact of your organization transformation



    Each solution is different but in general, the elements below guide our work:

    Always feel fresh, new and never ”same same”
    Customized, co-created with the client. Not off the shelf
    Explicit learning and outcome objectives
    Designed with the impact in mind – how do you want to measure and tell the story of the impact?
    Draws from practical “road-tested” lessons from working with diverse organizations, industries and cultures
    Challenges assumptions and beliefs. Bring new perspectives to trigger emergent insights
    Built upon the latest well-vetted knowledge on leadership, complex organization systems, culture, diversity, innovation, technology impact, future of society and work, among others
    Experiential – energetic, fun, unforgettable
    Minimal lectures. Favors hands-on experience and learning by making sense of the experience
    Top-notch facilitation tailored for the objectives of the session


    We draw from many adjacent disciplines including:

    Neuroscience, Biology and other natural sciences
    Psychology, Sociology, anthro-centered disciplines
    Behavioral economics
    Complex adaptive systems
    Human centered design and innovation
    Experiential learning – learning from experimenting and doing
    Performance Arts (Improv, theatre, comedy) & Visual Arts
    Co-creation and collaboration
    Agile & Lean
    Data & network analytics, machine learning and AI
    Games design
    Coaching – individual and team
    Sports, health and wellness
    Meditation & mindfulness
    Story telling, communications & branding


We partner with you to design the entire journey and ecosystem of what it will take to make the learning actually stick. We know that the powerful effects from any one workshop or program will fade very quickly unless the environment and context are also changed to bring out the new behaviors.

We support with you to diagnose, align and coach the Top Leadership Team; accelerate the development of your leaders; change mindsets and behaviors to align with transformation goals; increase the effectiveness of a leader and her/his team; or equip your leaders to be better coaches.

In addition to sharing the same design principles with all our other programs, the leadership programs specifically focus on these key aspects

Going deep. Challenge participants to go beyond the comfortable. Create brave space to try out novel and courageous behaviors.
Keep Purpose at the core
Integrate with key business challenges so that application is real
Facilitated in the moment – pick up on what’s emergent and turn them into powerful personalized learning ‘Aha’s’
Push boundaries with unfamiliar activities from different disciplines, designed to challenge assumptions, shift paradigms and create insight
Designed with explicit emphasis on each level of transformative change: Personal change, Team and Organization
It is about development, not just learning. Which means something fundamental must shift in how you see, judge and make sense of things


We will always

Have your best interest at heart, we want you to succeed.
Be a true partner and in the game with you; not sitting on the sidelines
Bring the unique and different and never be Samey-samey
Tell you the truth and challenge (as gently as possible)
Kick up fun, energy and passion
Keep getting better

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